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Funkageddon Tour 2012 feat. Gary "Mudbone" Cooper

With their very own musical mix , the 10 funkateers are a guaranteed dancefloor-filler since 1985. The roots of Funk and Soul, paired with elements of HipHop and Rock, melt to a never-ending, hypnotic groove. The international line-up, featuring musicians from Germany, Switzerland and the U.S.A, presents its brandnew albums “Opossums & Racoons” "Liftimers for the Funk" live in 2012. Just recently GRAND SLAM has won the 25th German Rock & Pop Award and are proud holders of the title “Germany’s Best Funk/Soul Band 2007”.

Old-school P-Funk is still the musical foundation, but on the current albums “Opossums & Racoons” & "Liftimers for the Funk" ( & GRAND SLAM is entering Hip-Hop – the urban sound of today. Influences from Rock, Jazz and Soul are merged to a homogeneous whole and build the unmistakable style of GRAND SLAM.

„We’ve come to make you dance“, is what the masters of rhythm are promising to clubbers and festival guests. The swinging hips of the listeners prove that GRAND SLAM has mastered the art of combining ingeniuosly Funk, Soul and HipHop during their 23plus-year long career. The band has obviously been marked by its over 300 concerts throughout Europe and its collaboration with stars like

  • Dave Stewart (Eurhythmics),
  • Gary „Mudbone“ Cooper (Bootsy Collins),
  • „Rockin“ Rick Gardner (Horny Horns),
  • The Edge (U2),
  • Karl Keaton,
  • Menace and many others.

2 ½ hour-long non-stop-groove parties are no rarety when the nine funkateers enter the stage. It’s time to party !

We keep on doin’ the phonk !!!