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Men's Dreams
Protocols from the sleep laboratory ©

Spontaneous insights

Based on an idea by Lutz J. Mays

improvised, exciting, surprising

PROTOCOLS FROM THE SCHLAFLABOR is a musical-theater project, which focuses on humorous style with sleep states and the subconscious. In an pseudoscientific experiment dreams can be visible for the spectators.Scientists monitor their subjects to their wishes, apparently…

With the resources of the improvisational theater exciting stories arising, always surprising and new. Also improvised live music communicates with the action on stage.

On stage:

Alex Teubner (ex & hopp): acting, singing

Richard Schneider (ex & hopp): drama

Hendrik Matschuck: guitar, samples

Werner Kandzora: Keyboards

Alex Schwendner: drums, samples, loops

Lutz J. Mays: Bass, chief

Improtheater, Impromusic

The concept was developed by the Permuda-Produktions-Team Petra Weidig, Lutz J. Mays, Jörg Schreiber and Peter Webert.



Richard Schneider, Alex Teubner

from left:  Lutz J. Mays, Richard Schneider, Alex Teubner, Alex Schwendner, Hendrik Matschuck